CVE-2018-20468 – Sahi pro ( <= 8.x ) CSV Injection

This is one of the low risk bug which was found in Sahi Pro. Reports web interface allows a user to export the executed automation scripts/suite in excel format. It is possible to inject the excel formula which results in command execution on the victim who exports it .

Proof of concept :

excel formulas can be injected inside the sahi script as shown previously with stored XSS inside a testcase API as follows.

 script used :

var $tc1 = _testcase(“TC-1″,”=SUM(1+1)*cmd|’ /C calc’!A0”).start();

_log(“testing csv injection”);


Execute the following sahi script and take export of the report as follows :

 Fig : executed sahi script with formula injection.

Fig : victim opens the file and clicks yes on warning and the code                                         executes on victim machine .

Disclosure timeline :

Notified on : 8 / December / 2018

Affected versions : all versions of sahi pro ( <= 8.x ) (web application automation )

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